Examples of Issues that I work with:

Eating Disorders
Addictions and self harm
Family and Relationship issues
Abuse (sexual, physical and emotional)
Loss of direction
Low self-esteem
Creative blocks
Separation and Divorce
Spirituality and personal growth
Work Related Issues
Obsessional / Over Thinking
Psychosexual Issues
Relationship/Couples Therapy







About Me

I am a professionally qualified, experienced and fully accredited Psychotherapist; working both in private practice and within the NHS.  I have a rich and varied experience dealing with many different issues and people from all walks of life.

I trained as a psychotherapist at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy, completing a four year UKCP accredited post graduate diploma.  Additionally I also hold a Postgraduate diploma in psychosexual and relationship therapy, training accredited by COSRT.

Prior to retraining to become a Psychotherapist I worked within the corporate sector, working for a blue chip company and later running my own business.  Therefore I have direct experience of the demands of corporate life and the stresses of balancing career with family and personal relationships.

I have always held an interest and curiosity regarding individuals overcoming their obstacles to reach their true potential in life, be that in business or personal relationships.   I believe that Psychotherapy can assist us in realising our potential.
My approach is integrative, which means I draw from a variety of different theoretical models to find the methods of working that best suit you and your needs. 

In addition to using the usual talking therapy, which is normally where the client talks to therapist and the therapist listens offering insight, I also use more creative tools such as working with dreams, guided visualisations and art work, to help us explore the issues together.

I am UKCP accredited and a member of COSRT. I abide by the UKCP, COSRT and BACP code of ethics. I am fully insured.

I am a recognized provider with Pruhealth and other insurance companies.